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Talking Tom’s Unlimited Laughs (LIVE)

Talking Tom’s Unlimited Laughs (LIVE)

Talking Tom and Friends is a media franchise created and owned by Outfit7 Limited. The franchise focuses on various mobile apps involving anthropomorphic animal characters repeating things said by the user. As of January 2017, the apps have achieved more than 5.9 billion downloads


Tom is a gray tabby cat and title character of the franchise.[2] Tom is a wisecracking, adventure-seeking cat, described as the “world’s most popular cat.”[3] In his app, he is a fully animated interactive 3D character that users can tickle, poke and play with in the apps. Users can also get Tom to repeat what they say.[4] The original Talking Tom Cat app was launched in July 2010 for iOS, closely followed by Talking Tom 2 in 2011.
Angela is a love interest of Tom in the series.[5] She is a stylish kitty with a love of travel and singing; Angela’s chart-topping YouTube music videos have racked up millions of views.[6] Angela has also appeared in other apps in Outfit7’s flagship entertainment franchise: Tom’s Love Letters and Tom Loves Angela.
Ginger is a seven-year-old mischievous, fun-loving kitten and the nephew of Talking Tom. [7]
Ben is a brown dog who is described in his Talking Ben the Dog app as “a grumpy dog and chemistry professor”. He enjoys working in the lab and the player can tickle him and make him do phone calls, or retreat to the lab where he does experiments that sometimes explodes. [8][9]
Hank is a blue-and-white dog with a love of TV with a fiery passion. He is Tom’s roommate and fan and Ginger’s role model. In the Christmas special for the television series, he says he prefers that his name be pronounced in French as “Honk”. He has seen every sitcom made from years 1986 to 1994

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